Mitigating a DDoS/DoS attack

A denial-of-service (DoS) attack floods a server with traffic, making a website or resource unavailable...See more... »

Custom linux kernel installation

Custom linux kernels are made for high throughput and low latency at all time, sacrificing performance and removing functions or improving functions from the linux kernel to achieve better overall performance...See more... »

GRE tunneling and routing

Generic Routing Encapsulation, or GRE, is a protocol for encapsulating data packets that use one routing protocol inside the packets of another protocol...See more... »

PHP based control panel for GTA 5 game server

The company where I was doing my traineeship had a request for me to program in PHP from scratch a working control panel for a game server on GTA 5 which was running a MySQL database, slow loading times weren't acceptable so I've had to be creative and do something unique...See more... »

Creating automatic deployment of linux images on Proxmox

Cloud-init is a service that sets up your VM instance with the wanted configuration and software ready to use. The service starts at boot and uses the metadata provided by the cloud provider or the direct user...See more... »

Network protection against abuse

Nowadays companies that provide their customers access to a VPS or a dedicated server where the user can exploit the machine to do illegal activities are fighting against this huge issue...See more... »

Proxmox backup node installation & configuration

Data is really important nowadays, it was always like that but now keeping the data safe and duplicated in multiple locations for redundancy is a must have for any company or creator...See more... »