New projects

Curean Niculai ~ 18 September 2021

Last time i've updated my personal website was in 2018, I forgot about it, now it's the time to update it again with some new projects I work on...See more... »

Updating some things

Curean Niculai ~ 10 May 2018

There's been a long time since I haven't updated this website and a lot of things changed, since the last update I've changed...See more... »

Learning C++ better

Curean Niculai ~ 21 September 2017

Now I graduated to high school on a profile based on computers and how do they work, programming and electronics...See more... »

My first scratch game

Curean Niculai ~ 22 May 2017

So I started learning some scratch because at the school where I am my class started learning some scratch and I find it pretty cool so I made a little game...See more... »