Learning C++ better

Now I graduated to high school on a profile based on computers and how do they work, programming and electronics, every school is different in their way but the school I chose it was a good choice so far it's just the beginning of the year and it's great.
What do I really want to say is that I'm learning new things and I recap what I already knew and I feel good that I'm doing what I like, but now I want to start learning a harder programming language, called C++ which is used in almost any application made today!
It's very important and you can create amazing things with it, that's why I will try to learn it better, I already know some things but not very much and the school will help me too after this year, I'm now thinking of other things but I'm spending most of my time trying to learn C++ and experiment with it.
I'm sorry for not updating my website in a while but I had a lot of things to do and nothing important to post but now I think it's a good time to let the people that access my website know that I'm improving my knowledge.
I will post a new update in the future with my plans, but so far I just wanted to post this because I found C++ pretty interesting and cool, try it too! :)