Hello, I'm Niculai!

I am a business owner and experienced Sysadmin with programming skills, studying software solutions, business applications, and cybersecurity. With over six years of server management experience, I am fluent in three languages, including Romanian, English, and French. I am currently based in IEF2I Paris and am always eager to learn more every day to enhance my skills and knowledge.

Which are my strong points?

My greatest strengths are C, PHP, Bash, MySQL, Python and C#. I'm usually developing medium scale infrastructures/networks with complex security requirements.

I'm also familiar with any consumer and commercial systems of interrelated computing devices, any web hosting control panel, all the virtualization hypervisors, any firewall/router computer software, Cisco IOS and filtration and mitigation of DDoS attacks.

I'm an ex Cloudflare partner and ex OVH partner.