Hello! I'm Niculai.

As an entrepreneur and seasoned Systems Administrator with adept programming skills, I pursued comprehensive studies in software solutions, business applications and cybersecurity at IEF2I Paris. Armed with over seven years of proficient server management expertise, I exhibit fluency in three languages: Romanian, English and French.

Which are my strong points?

My greatest strengths are C, PHP, Bash, MySQL and Python. I'm usually developing medium scale infrastructures/networks with complex cybersecurity requirements.

I'm also familiar with any commercial system of interrelated computing devices, any web hosting control panel, all the virtualization hypervisors, any firewall/router software, Cisco IOS, filtration and mitigation of DoS/DDoS attacks.

Presently, I hold a Baccalauréat in Réseaux Informatiques et Systèmes Communicants (BAC RISC), a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification and a Brevet Technicien Supérieur (BTS).

I have previously served as an ex-partner with Cloudflare, a renowned web infrastructure and security company and as an ex-partner with OVH, a prominent global cloud service provider.